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Lots of great effects, you have my support ;)

Funny and entertaining,
Some nitpicks; Some poses could have overshoot a little more, or if not some pose could have been more exaggerated. Other than, awesome work.

Eyelids-pie responds:

good point! thanks for the advice

I will join the next one :D
Love the serise

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Thanks for the review, I will return one in kind :)

I like the character and the scene has some good ominous feel to it. Making the character feel intimidating and mysterious. That being said they are some construction issues that deals with form and proportion. If I were to sum up one advice, use reference. The head is fine but arms, promotions and how they connect each other make the character stiff. Although practice will help. taking the time on what and how muscles are constructed will give the knowledge how to draw them in every angle. I would start with proportions then move your way to muscles. All in all, even though it needs work, I like the design and hope to see you improve.

NigNogNate responds:

Thank you very much for that review! I think I learned a thing or two with your advice. I'll definitely work on it! Glad to see you liked the character too! I'm happy to see the ominous feeling was successfully conveyed!!

Awesome self portrait. Love the style :)

Very interesting piece. I love the color combinations and the character ominous and mystic.I'm taking a guess she's an Incubus. Th tail feels seductive to the piece, drawing your eye back which is good composition.
A few notes to consider. The purple smoke seems to indicate that it's emitting light from below which some areas feel like purple light is hitting in different directions which would help if you had some more surfaces that are also being hit by the emitted smoke or off screen light source. Secondary light is a lot of fun but choosing how strong it is and where it's coming from, making all the difference in your piece.
If you were to do a revised version, areas like under the chin, nose, ears even a hit in the eyes since they are very reflective. This would be my personal taste but I would go are far as under the cheeks. You could really define some features but I would play around with the opacity. You would want to keep some contrast so play around and have fun with it.
All in all, you did a great piece. Hope to see more soon ;)

P.S. if all of this was intentional, disregard the long boring text xD

Sabtastic responds:

Aw thanks for the lengthy and insightful review!
I appreciate you taking the time to write it -- always means a lot coming from a talented artist like yourself! Cheers.

I like your suggestion of using multiple light sources - especially with the lighting under her jaw and eyes... Might touch it up if I get a chance now! Thanks!

P.S: Not that it matters any, but an Incubus is the male equivalent to a Succubus - so she would be the latter. :P

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